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Cialis or Viagra, what better

Unfortunately, many middle-aged and older men suffer from potency disorders, as well as a certain percentage of younger male representatives. Mostly young people are exposed to all sorts of stress, which often reduces their sexual performance, and many lead too free lifestyle, using alcohol and drugs. This can all lead to erectile dysfunction, otherwise – to impotence, which manifests itself in different ways, but the result is the same – problems in sexual life.

But do not lose heart, neither young members of the stronger half of mankind, nor older men, because there are many medicines that can restore their sexual joy. There are three such drugs (not counting the generics), they are similar in their effect, but the conditions of their use and the duration of their effect on the body are different. They are Viagra and Cialis.

Viagra is a drug that serves for temporary elimination of potency problems, and for healthy men it allows increasing their sexual capabilities for a certain period of time. The drug was developed about 20 years ago, and it had worthy competitors, but a lot of men prefer it until now, many years after its appearance.

Viagra will help you get a steady erection for quite a long time. This drug is available in tablets, which will allow the man to feel the pleasure of sex again, but, alas, in no way will be able to increase libido and libido level.

How to use Viagra
You take one tablet half an hour before the planned intercourse. It is necessary to use the medicine once a day not to drink more than 50 mg.

Side effects of the medicine and its contraindications
Don’t forget to see a doctor before you start taking this medication. It is especially important to take note of those men who suffer from cardiovascular disease. Such men should take Viagra in a different, lower dosage. The use of Viagra will also have its differences in the case when the patient is already taking drugs that contain nitrates in any form. And if a man has a physical deformity of the penis, then you should refrain from using Viagra and other drugs that increase potency, because the drug does not help with such problems.

Before taking it, it is also important to find out whether the body has an intolerance to the components of this remedy. Only an experienced doctor can provide such information to the client.

A Viagra overdose may cause a slight headache, runny nose, digestive problems, and decreased visual acuity. However, all these side effects do not threaten your health, if, of course, you do not exceed the limit of the recommended dosage.

Cialis is another drug that will help men in case of potency problems.

The effect of the drug and method of use
The medication contains tadalafil, which helps to improve erections. The effect of the tablet is 15 minutes after taking it. Like other drugs of this type described above, Cialis should be taken when sexually aroused, which means that you need to take it at least 15 minutes before the expected intercourse, but only when aroused.

A single dose of the drug is about 10 mg, which is half a tablet. You can take up to 20 mg per day. You should not use Cialis more than once a day, because the drug works long enough – up to a day and a half.

Contraindications, side effects and restrictions
This drug is contraindicated if:

  • you are taking nitrate-containing drugs;
  • You have had a heart attack or stroke within the last six months;
  • You have problems with blood pressure (high/low);
  • suffer from heart failure or cardiovascular disease;
  • have arterial hypertension.

Do not take Cialis if there are significant deformities of the penis.